Music Mondays

This week, we chose to focus on a music curator instead of one artist. Dj Lyte Amerika has been dedicating his leisure time to helping new artists gain exposure. Every week on Soundcloud, Lyte Amerika has decided to drop either a playlist or mix of the newest songs on the week. Since November, each week the mixes are evolving and gainin' attention. Artists such as, Young Thug, Bankroll Fresh, William Aston, Big Sean, Dj Mustard, Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West and Travis Scott have tracks that have premiered on #NewTuneTuesday. Lyte Amerika will begin world premiering new music from the same Soundcloud page in March, but for now, enjoy the mixes delivered every week. Click HERE to stream this week's #NewTuneTuesday & peep the artwork  below:


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