Stan Smith OG

Some sneakers are timeless to the point where they transcend generations, aesthetics, and the purpose for which they were originally created. Case in point: the adidas Stan Smith, with its iconic perforated three stripes, minimalistic construction, and the beloved green backtab that immediately identifies them as one of the most important sneakers ever. First worn by Smith himself in 1971 after being known as the Haillet, this shoe is on every top 10 list that you can think of-- a staple in the rotations of everyone from your grandfather to the wildest hypebeast you know. 

After a period of discontinuation, the legendary Stan Smith is back with a smooth, full-grain leather upper, a slimmer tongue with a portrait logo reminiscent of earlier Stan Smith models, and a green double trefoil debossed backtab. Available online or in-store at 147 West 72nd Street between Amsterdam and Columbus on the UWS. Come grab the pair of adidas that captivated the world 40 years ago and hasn't looked back since.

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