Alpha Industries Tiger Souvenir Vintage White/Sand

Alpha Industries Tiger Souvenir Vintage White/Sand

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The newest member of our souvenir collection is this lightweight bomber. The tiger embroidery on the chest and on the back symbolizes power and fierceness. The vintage white/sand flight-nylon shell with no fill is perfect for the warmer temperatures. 
  • Slim Fit lightweight bomber jacket 
  • The Tiger Souvenir features Alpha’s signature zippered utility/pencil pocket with the “Remove Before Flight” tag 
  • Two exterior and two interior pockets 
  • Fully reversible to a mauve 
  • Double-striped knit collar, cuffs, and bottom band


The L-2B flight jacket was introduced in the early 1950s for use in light temperature zones (50 to 86 degrees F). Initially the bomber was only used by the U.S. Air Force which is why the USAF insignia was put on the sleeve. The flight jacket went through many specification updates including the removal of the oxygen tab, snap tabs and epaulets, along with the USAF logo as the jacket was eventually adopted by the Navy and other branches of the armed forces. The L-2B was replaced by the CWU-36/P in the 1970s although some ground crews and USAF personnel continued to wear it into the 1990s. Alpha’s first DOD contract for the L-2B was in 1960 and continued until 1994. In the 1970’s Alpha made the L-2B for the commercial market but put the epaulets back on and added the Navy color.