Adidas Ultra Boost 19 CORE BLACK/ORCHID TINT


The first thing you’ll probably notice about the new adidas Ultra Boost is that it is radically different from any previous designs. To start, the typical UB tooling has been swapped out for the adidas Speedfactory AM4’s tooling, another sleek running shoe from the brand that is made in their quick manufacturing facilities, which brings us to the next big point: the Ultra Boost 2019 will be exclusively manufactured in Speedfactories. With locations already housed on 3 continents, adidas is continuing their expansion of the faster production facilities, making them much more viable for large-scale production. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the design.

The adidas Ultra Boost 2019 begins its radically redesigned upper with an all-new Primeknit construction. So far, the new knit is shown to be made from two colors of threads, splitting them evenly between the toe box and tongue of the shoe, with the secondary color taking over the lower sides and heel area. The supportive sidewall cage is still present on the new model, though it appears to have been made much sleeker, thinner, and features more aggressively-angled stripes. Finally, the old school Ultra Boost heel counter is now a thing of the past. In its place is a similar shaped supportive piece, though this time it appears as just an outline rather than a solid piece of plastic. It has been revealed that on the outer left heel this piece is embossed with the words ULTRA BOOST, which is how we are able to confirm that this model is a piece of the franchise.

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