Nike Men's "What The Presto"


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Talking bit and pieces form some of the most iconic presto color was ever, this "What the Presto" is a collectors dream!

Originally designed at the turn of the millennium as a performance runner, the Presto is celebrating its 20th anniversary by continuing to redefine the boundaries of modern footwear. The philosophy behind the original design was to adapt the look and feel of a T-shirt for your foot—and this stormy style serves as a testament to that vision. This edition arrives with mis-matched multi-colour colour-blocking and lightning graphics, making each piece of the upper feel like a swatch of an actual shirt.

XXS - Mens 7-8

XS - Mens 8-9

S - Mens 9-10

M - Mens 10-11

L - Mens  11-12

XL - Mens 12-13

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