Nike Signal D/MS/X White Red Orbit

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Hailed from an alternate reality, the Nike D/MS/X line-up acts as a sort of “What if?” story for the Swoosh-marked brand with the Signal silhouette melding an idea of many branching thoughts. Fusing elements throughout the past and present, the pair evokes connection to lifestyle staples, performance runners, and some of Beaverton’s most futuristic of kits. Sole units are imposing and aggressively high though doused in an allure matching that of the rest of the design. Uppers, whose colors are now filled to the brim in White and matching cool tones, dip and dive with overlays chaotically making for a piece rebellious in nature. Translucent materials create an outer shell that wraps past the ankle and around the heel, revealing much of the inner constructions whose components add shape to the toe and profile with the latter pieces doubling as eye stays. 

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