Nike Zoom Pegasus Shield Waterproof Boot Black

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With the seasonal transition into slippery streets and freezing cold nights just around the corner, it can be tough for avid outdoor runners to workout in their usual sneakers. Thankfully, the Shield series is returning in its traditional time of the year and one of the models to be ushered into the weatherized lineup is this upcoming rendition of the Zoom Pegasus 36 Turbo. The recently released performance runner takes its silhouette to new heights – both literally and technically – enhancing its now high-profile construction with with water-resistant exteriors, reflective accents, as well as velcro and zipper enclosures to keep you visible in the streets and protected against the harsher elements.

Featuring a midsole that is part Vaporfly 4% and part Epic React, the Nike Pegasus Turbo Shield WP brings a smart weatherized design to your favorite lightweight running shoe.

Using a two-layer foam construction, the Turbo Shield WP provides an extremely bouncy ride while remaining super lightweight. The first layer directly beneath your foot is made of Zoom X, the most responsive and lightest weight foam Nike has ever made. Beneath that is a thin layer of React foam which protects the Zoom X foam and allowed designers to use as little rubber on the outsole as possible.

The new waterproof upper with sealed seams keeps your feet dry during those rainy months. Additionally, the Turbo Shield WP features sticky rubber outsole and reflective elements to assist you in chasing your PR's during the winter months.

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