adidas Originals Forest Grove "Chalk Pearl / Cloud White"

Inspired by 1982s "Oregon" silhouette, which was at the time for adidas a shoe that made huge waves, 2018s Forest Grove borrows style cues from the Oregon and that era to offer a modern riff on vintage runners. Featuring an upper utilizing a combination of suede and nylon done in "Chalk Pearl" with Three Stripes, heel, and tongue branding colored in a deep red, the Forest Grove's web-wrapped lightweight EVA midsole offers a tip of the hat to the Oregon's signature style element. If you're looking for something contemporary and casual with some of adidas' heritage flair, the Forest Grove has got you covered. 

The adidas Originals Forest Grove "Chalk Pearl / Cloud White" is available at the shop or online, and you can find our brick and mortar at 147 W 72nd ST in Manhattan on the Upper West Side between Columbus and Amsterdam. 


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