adidas Yung-1 "Sesame / Grey / Blue"

Sometimes you look at a pair of shoes and almost without actually thinking say to yourself, "Now THAT is a fresh pair!" This newest colorway of the adidas Yung-1 triggers that response. Designed as rework of the 90s era Falcon Dorf, the Yung-1s silhouette is steeped in retro nostalgia. It's also very on-trend with its chunky, sculpted EVA outsole and layered use of colors and materials. The upper is predominantly mesh with nubuck overlays, while the outsole utilizes adidas' trademark Torsion System for cushioning and support. The Three Stripes also threw in a little bit of extra flavor with a hint of a very subtle, minty green towards the back half of the midsole. 

The adidas Yung-1 "Sesame / Grey / Blue" is currently available online or at the shop, located at 147 72nd ST on the UWS in Manhattan. Get these while you can, and don't sleep if you want to get 20% off by using the code "TAKE20." Today is the last day of our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale!

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