Nike Hot Air Pack: Air Max 95 HAL

Footwear customization has become one of the hottest topics in the sneaker world over the past few years. It's something that has more or less always been available to signature athletes via PE's, but since 2015 Nike has released a few different silhouette's, outside of the NikeiD range and particularly in the Air Max family, that have allowed for owners to create their own look via interchangeable patches and branding on the sneaker. 

Part of the "Hot Air" pack that also includes the Air Max 90 and 97, meet the Nike Air Max 95 HAL. HAL refers to "hook and loop," Nike's version of Velcro, and is a closure system that allows patches to be swapped and stick to the sneaker. Each shoe is done up in a green and black colorway and includes ten patches for you to express yourself via your own custom style. 

The Nike Air Max 95 HAL is only available in store or via phone order. Stop by the shop at 147 W 72nd ST on Manhattan's Upper West Side or give us a call at 212-787-8595. 

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