Puma Suede 50th Anniversary

The late 60s was the perfect breeding ground for plenty of iconic moments and products in Americana. Woodstock, The Grateful Dead, mood rings, and black lights to name a few. In 1968, Puma introduced what is still one of the most popular pairs in the sneaker game, the Puma Suede. Celebrating 50 years of production in 2018, Puma has released a few pairs on a one-to-one original scale to commemorate the occasion, one of which is done up in a premium leather and suede combo, while the other two are in heritage colorways of mustard/white and kelly green/white in the classic suede material. Sought after by b-boys and ballers the world over, any one of these three creations is a must for anyone's collection.  

The Puma Suede 50th Anniversary is available in-store or online via the links below:

Puma Suede White Leather / Suede

Puma Suede Kelly Green / White

Puma Suede Mustard / White


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